Set of 4 Bead Bracelets

Set of 4 Bead Bracelets


Love the bead bracelets...but just can't choose one?  Buy them as a set and share with friends or wear them all together!

Paper Beads Bracelet on Adjustable Cord

Inspirational bracelets with a few of our favorite sayings wrapped around the paper bead.

Be Here Now (natural)

Shine Your Light (yellow)

The World Needs the Gift of You (blue)

Let Your Heart Lead (coral)

Adjustable waxed cotton cord.  Pull to tighten.  Fits wrists between 6"-10" (kids, teens, women, men)

Super lightweight and comfortable

Metal Free Jewelry

Paper Beads are handmade by Meristic in Honolulu, Hawaii on recycled paper.  They are printed, glossed and dipped 4 times.  The beads are durable and highly water resistant (both inside and out); they are designed to be weatherproof and sweatproof.  For long life, please do not submerge them in water.  Due to the nature of paper word beads, all are unique and may differ slightly from the one/s pictured.